Louie Vuitton, 2013

Louie Vuitton

Louie Vuitton, 2013, silkscreen on paper, 24 x 32 inches, edition of 20.

In 2007, I commissioned a group of woven bracelets from Juan Flores, an artisan from Tlamacazapa, Guerrero, Mexico, a Nahuatl-speaking town where woven goods have been created and traded since pre-Hispanic times. I gave Juan a list of clothing-designer names to weave into the bracelets. He chose the colors for each bracelet depending on his own judgment and inspiration. Sometimes the synchronicity between the color combination and a particular brand was uncanny and at other times it was completely dichotomous.

Focusing on the particular color combinations, I began paring the bracelets with larger hand-woven textiles with similar coloring and patterns, creating new compositions. By separating the colors for the two-tone silkscreen prints the bracelet merges with the background fabric, weaving itself in, confusing the foreground with the background, the label and the textile. I decided to single out the Louie Vuitton bracelet because it is one of the brands that most fully represents a level of luxury that is completely unaccessible and unfamiliar to Juan Flores; so much so that he accidentally misspelled its name.