Girls Will Be Beuys (Made in Mexico)_front view_AuroraPellizzi

Girls Will Be Beuys (Made in Mexico)_side view_AuroraPellizzi

Girls Will Be Beuys (Made in Mexico), 2006, acrylic felt, dimensions variable.

Girls will be Beuys is a hand-tailored three-piece suit made out of industrial acrylic felt. This suit is made in reference to a series of grey wool felt suit-pieces by Joseph Beuys. Alternatively, this suit is made of an acrylic felt material used in Mexican folkloric crafts and costumes, in a color typically described as rosa mexicano. The color is feminine, folkloric, and kitsch. Like Joseph Beuys’ Filzangung, the piece hangs on the gallery wall as a dormant shape waiting to be activated through ritual and performance. This pink suit is an embodiment of both the spirit and teachings of Joseph Beuys on shamanism and art, as well as an expression of a feminine presence in art and culture.

This piece was produced by a cooperative of seamstresses in Taxco, Mexico with whom I have been collaborating for the past several years.



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BRUCENNIAL 2008: DOING IT AGAIN, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, Brooklyn, NY, 2008.

Flex your Textiles II_Exhibition Invite

FLEX YOUR TEXTILES II, John Connelly Presents Gallery, Curated by Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Travis Boyer, and Donnie Cervantes, New York, NY, 2006.

With Antony, Matteah Baim, Jay Battle, Bianca Beck, Samara Blume, Chris Bogia, Susie Brandt, Nancy Brooks Brody, AK Burns, Ann Burton, Michael Capotosto, Lea Cetera, Lynne Chan, Chicks on Speed, Leidy Churchman, Diana Dart, Jocelyn Davis, Davina Drummond, Keltie Ferris, Discoteca Flaming Star, Rhis Gaitano, Liz Glyn, Jordan Hancock, K8 Hardy, Ryan Harman, Arlo Hoffman, Onya Hogan Finlay, Donna Huanca, Ian Hundley, Marc Hundley, Paul Kopkau, Michael Magnan, Clar Mapes, Morse McWreath, James Morrison, Ulrike Mueller, Will Munro, Jeanine Oleson, Sheila Pepe, Michael Powers, Pat Reese, Emily Roysdon, Matt Savitsky, Sarah Saltzman, Savior Scraps, Jen Smith, Kant Smith, Shinique Smith, Abby Walton, Kristine Woods, and Andrea Zittel.