Pink White Frame_AuroraPellizzi copy Pink Black Frame_AuroraPellizzi copy White Blue Red Frame_AuroraPellizzi copy Red Blue Frame_AuroraPellizzi copy Green Pink Frame_AuroraPellizzi copy Green Blue Frame_AuroraPellizzi copy Green Black Frame_AuroraPellizzi copy White Frame_AuroraPellizzi copy White Frame (side view)_AuroraPellizzi

Black Frame (side view)_AuroraPellizzi

This series of silkscreened prints explores the concept referred to in design and painting as the “figure-ground relationship” where a balance between the shapes and space in an image is attained through a blurring of the distinctions between the figurative elements and the ground.

The image is taken from a photograph of a frame on a renaissance painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The image has been separated into 3 different silkscreen plates that don’t fully line up with each other. This tension allows each plate to surface as a different plane.

Colors are chosen and manipulated to create a reversible or ambiguous space between the interior and exterior spaces of the figure (the frame). The allowance of chance and gesture in the production of these plates elevates them from a prescribed existence as serially produced images, to that of unique painterly objects.