Aurora Pellizzi was born in Mexico City and raised in New York City. She studied Fine Arts at The Cooper Union School of Art in New York (2005-2010) and New York University (2001-2005) and currently lives and works in Mexico City.

Her work combines the formal precepts of painting and sculpture with traditional craft techniques. She is especially invested in pre-Hispanic textile processes, from backstrap-loom weaving to dyeing with natural pigments. Pellizzi cultivates these practices to create images and objects that act as both 2- and 3-dimensional shapes, textures, and forms. Her pieces exist simultaneously as spaces of representation and surfaces for contemplation. They exploit the illusion of pictorial space and act as embodiments of the objects they represent. Abstraction, figuration, and symbolism converge to not only represent but also embody the object of desire.

Aurora Pellizzi has exhibited internationally in Colombia, Italy, France, Mexico, Morocco, United Kingdom, and USA. Her next solo show “Close-Up” is forthcoming in 2020 at Canada Gallery in New York City.