00:00:00;00, 2013, multi-channel video installation, dimensions variable.

The series 00:00:00;00 is a digital video interpretation of the painting series 99% Cotton. Wandering across the painted surfaces in different hand-held rhythms and directions, the videos reintroduce the elements of gesture and time into the painted objects. Movement and pacing create a dynamic contemplative space. The digital layer reveals the presence of the painted work in time and space. Painting, as an accumulation of gesture, is expressed by the hypnotic interlacing of gestural movement in digital time.

Instead of experiencing the painted image as an object on a wall, it is appreciated through a guided accumulation of perspectives and angles captured by a moving camera. The physical space between the viewer and the painting is heightened by the changing space between the camera and the painted surface. The work of art and its interpretation are as ever changing as the technology used to make and represent it; in this case, the interpretation itself becomes a new work of art.

00:00:00;00 was exhibited in SPRING/BREAK Art Show as a multichannel video installation. The videos were projected onto stretched translucent screens suspended within a narrow closet space.



SUR-RENDER curated by EYELEVEL BQE and THE THEY CO., SPRING/BREAK ART SHOW, Old School, New York, NY, 2013.

With Gabriela Alva, Marco A. Castro, Marcos Castro, Camel Collective, Antoine Lefebvre, Lumarca, Natalia Porter, Ed Purver, and Tom Smith.

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ART ON DMT: Exploring the space between life and death with psychedelic artists from Latin America by Charlotte Jansen, DAZED DIGITAL. NO WAY!, Wednesday, April 18, 2013.

“Pellizzi’s work has an unusual synaesthetic quality, each film a slow moving shot over painted fabrics. Combining digital and analogue effects, as well as traditional and modern ideas on the psychedelic aesthetic.”